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PARISIAN PROMISES is a sensual, suspenseful and satisfying novel and our February Book of the Month. The characters are passionate; the setting authentic (it’s Paris, the center of the world!); and the action quick with nail-biting suspense.

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Velastegui’s writing is captivating and elegant. Parisian Promises is a historical fiction novel with elements of intrigue, suspense, fairy tale dreams of the perfect romance and even the perfect touch of heat that sparks the naughty mind. Velastegui writes with purpose, and it is apparent that she is well traveled. Highly recommended!


“Parisian Promises” by Cecilia Velastegui is the story of Monica and her friends during their year of study abroad in Paris. The girls make a promise to watch out and take care of each other while they are away. The setting is in 1973, and the three American girls all have their own idea of the Parisian dream. Very quickly Monica is swept away by the mysterious and handsome Jean-Michel.


Velástegui’s multilingual twists of words, her skillfully textured plot, and her ability to convey the pleasures and perils of love make Parisian Promises a novel to remember. Author of three other novels featuring vibrant, romantic females seeking self-discovery in exotic locations, Velástegui is a writer whose work merits wider recognition.

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